What Flowers Say About Your Relationship


Flowers are one of the oldest and most beautiful gift you can give your girlfriend or wife. They bring nature inside the home and are the essence of life and rebirth. A new budding flower can symbolise a budding relationship and a bright flower in full bloom can signify and strong and healthy relationship. Women adore gifts that are heartfelt so don't waste any more time and read the list below to show what simple flowers can do for a relationship. 


Roses can symbolise love and lust, the colour red is closely associated with passion. A bouquet of roses could be given to someone you desire and wish to court.


You can use lilacs to portray a new and fresh relationship. A budding lilac has an intoxicating presence and the purple colour can indicate a first blush of love.


Pink, white or orange lilies can demonstrate your fun and spontaneous side. The different assortment of lilies bring a summery and lighthearted feel to a relationship. A great gift to demonstrate excitement.


Light orchids can be used to show that she is potentially the one. They are seperated from the love and passion of red carnation or roses, and the pure colours show the authenticity of a commitment.


Flowers can signify a whole range of emotion, so test them out on a loved one today. This bushel of pink and white orchids are the perfect way to start out.

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