Flowers are a very important part of your wedding, bringing colour, vibrancy and natural beauty to your special day. But with so many choices available it can often become an overwhelming task to select the perfect flowers.

On average, a bride will spend one tenth of her wedding budget on flowers. This includes the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid’s flowers, corsages and buttonhole flowers, as well as ceremony and reception arrangements. Some brides will opt to allocate even more of their budget to flowers as they love the atmosphere floral arrangements bring to a room or venue.

However, before you make any definitive decisions on the type of flowers you would like for your wedding, it’s very helpful to know what’s in season so you won’t be disappointed when you visit your florist.

This month we spoke to Florist Victoria Leitch from Willoughby Road, who recommends her favourite seasonal flowers, as well as some ideas on how to make your wedding bouquet unique to you.


My favourite flowers for springtime weddings are anemones and tulips. Anemones come in a range of colours such as white, blue, purple and pink.

Tulips are a great option for spring bouquets as they can add a pop of colour to your wedding. Tulips are available in many shades, including yellow, orange, pink, and red – a perfect combination of spring colours!


Brides getting married in the summer have a huge range of flowers to choose from. I would recommend peonies, hydrangea, sweet peas and dahlias. Peonies are very popular for wedding bouquets and brides looking to create a vintage theme, and are in season over November and December. They not only come in beautiful soft colours like pink and white, but also vibrant shades, such as deep pink.

Hydrangea are made up of many small flowers and are great for not only wedding bouquets but also for table centrepieces and large floral arrangements. They are available in pastel colours or in bright shades of purple, pink and blue.


Autumn is the perfect time to feature roses in your bouquets. From soft, delicate and sweetly scented to rich and velvety, there is a rose to suit every palette and to work with every theme! Roses are perfect for brides opting for a classic and romantic look for their wedding.

If you are searching for something a little bit different for your autumn wedding, I would suggest choosing the helleborus winter rose. Flower colours vary from creamy white shades, through to pinks, purples, apricots and bicolours. Pieris japonica with its cascading bunches of little bell-like flowers make another excellent autumn choice, adding an interesting texture, flow and colour to wedding flower arrangements.


One of my favourite choices for winter wedding flowers is lilies. From elegant white to pink, orange and yellow, lilies lend to a more traditional look. Oriental and calla lilies provide structure and fill space effectively, while lily of the valley looks stunning in cascading bridal bouquets.

Lilacs pair nicely with lilies and provide colour against the more neutral tones of lilies.


There are many ways to make your wedding bouquet special and unique to you. Florists can incorporate something from your mother’s or grandmother’s gown, for example pearl buttons, ribbon trimming or a piece of lace. Jewellery or diamante pins can also be used to adorn your bouquet; roses look lovely with a jewel in the centre of each flower. Lace trimming on the handle or embedded broaches are also growing in popularity, especially for brides looking for something different to the norm.

By putting a little bit of time into choosing the right flowers for the season of your wedding and the colours that will complement your theme, you have everything in your power to create that perfect look you’ve always dreamed of.

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