Heres How Granny Keeps Her Flowers Beautiful Year Round


Grandmothers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all walks of life. They have accumulated this over a number of years, so its best to spend some time with your grandmother and have her impart some wisdom. In this specific example we have decided to create a list of tips and trick compiled from advice from grandmothers, to help you create a wonderful garden. Grandmothers in their golden years love to spend time in nature, cultivating a wonderful and peaceful garden so they are really the ones you should ask for tips. Here is the list below.


1. It all starts with the soil! You must make sure that the soil is well drained, rich with nutrients and with a suitable pH. Add organic foliage, course and fine grain sand, and compost.


2. Grow from the seed can be difficult and time consuming. Take a trip to your local garden warehouse and grab yourself a small plant. You can replant it and have it sprout a lot easier.


3. Make sure you understand which plants need a lot of sun and which require more shade. Understanding the specifics of each plant will help you in the garden.


4. Weed, and weed daily! It is important to get rid of anything that may inhibit growth of your plant. This is especially important for when you have new plants which require extra care and maintenance.


5. If you live in a cold climate then go for plants that flower annually. This will save you labour in the winter. It is a nightmare having to go out in the cold to flower, particularly if you are older.


Don't have the luxury of a garden, or the space to create larger potted plants. They why not just purchase a bouquet of flowers and tend to them. This will add the natural element to the home. Here is a beautiful arrangement perfect for granny!


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