Greatest Oil Paintings For Any Oil-Rig Worker

Working on an offshore all rig is risky business, but employs many people from around the world due to its prosperity, and extended holiday allowances.  Oil has fuelled western societal growth for the past 2 centuries, but now that the world appears to be undergoing a climate shift, many people are looking to alternative forms of energy to keep the planet green. However, the production of oil on such rigs isn't always for raw fossil fuel, but can be useful in many other ways. Lipstick, bandages, creams and even helmets are some products derived from oil. Take a look at these beautiful flower paintings made from oil pastels that show the beauty of the environment created with something many deem as a harmful product.


1. This picture of a collection of roses is created with oil pastels and shows the beautiful rich colours and sublety of nature.


2. An assortment of flowers arranged in a bouquet. The rich colours created with oil pastels.


3. The single pink flower. Extreme detail and precision shows acute talent when painting with oil pastels. Available here. If you love these paintings then thank the next oil-rig worker you meet


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